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The Soccer Football Manifesto

Wonderkids, tactics, scout reports, & editorials by James Nalton and Aniket Trivedi.

Using our writers’ extensive collective knowledge of football leagues and players across the world, we provide basic scouting reports of up and coming young players breaking through in their respective leagues. We occasionally publish articles or reports by guest writers who have specific areas of expertise, and credit is given in these posts where due.

The site also features the occasional editorial piece reporting on what’s happening across the world of football, as well as the odd light hearted look at the often over-serious soccer-sphere. Football is for enjoyment and entertainment above all!

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The fascination with association football lies in the ongoing tactical game of chess, the stories which unfold as players’ careers progress, and the impact these players have on the history of the clubs they play for. Managers and coaches sit in the directors chair, and play a big part  altering the course of these clubs and players, and they’re the ones who determine the next move on the tactical chess board.

This website’s long term aim is to chart the evolution of tactics, and monitor the progress of players from their emergence onto the professional football scene. Which managers are doing the most to change the game? Which players are influencing tactical decisions? And who will be the next star for your team? These are the questions we try to answer.

Read the first ever article published (on this site anyway), to find out the origin of the name Soccer Football.

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