Blackburn Rovers Tactics – Spurs Away – 29 April 2012

Blackburn Rovers came into this game needing a win to give them a chance of avoiding relegation, maybe a point would do, but they desperately needed the three points to take them level on points with QPR, and Bolton who will have a game in hand.

These were the tactics which Steve Kean decided would be best suited to achieving this aim.

He was obviously luring Blackburn’s two remaining opponents, Wigan and Chelsea, into a false sense of security. Having seen this they’ll think Blackburn are rubbish and slump to defeat – giving Blackburn 6 points and Premier League safety!  Genius. The 0 shots on goal they managed in this game will mean Ali Al Habsi and Petr Cech won’t turn up, mentally, for their games against Rovers.

In his post match interview Kean played further games with his final two opponents by making them think that he’s deluded.  He comically suggested that Blackburn are still in the fight to avoid relegation.

“We need two massive performances now, we are still in it. We need three points against Wigan and back-to-back clean sheets.

We have had some massive performances home and away this season. We have got to have belief, we have been written off many times but we have always bounced back.

We’ve got Wigan up next – if we beat Wigan we go to Chelsea and we keep going, keep chasing.  We’ve had many monumental performances this season, some really good home wins, some back-to-back clean sheets. We’ll probably need that again and I have trust and faith in the lads.”

When explaining the Spurs performance, and the lack of shots on goal he commented:

“I think today, going forward, we never got our passes off.  When you don’t circulate the ball well enough and don’t get quality into the front two you’re not going to ask any questions of the defenders. That’s frustrating.”

Crafty. But we know what you’re up to