Supporting England at Euro 2012 – Even if They Are Rubbish

Unlike club football where it can be perfectly reasonable to pick and choose a club to support based on a number of different factors, international football is very much a case of being stuck with what you’ve been given.  Unless, it seems, you’re one of a growing number of England fans who seem to think they can abandon their native country and declare support for another nation, whilst continuing to criticise the inevitable failure of the England team as some kind of justification for this decision to defect.

You don’t have to be a nationalistic, right wing, patriotic flag waver to recognise which national football team you should probably support.  It should be the easiest football supporting decision to make, even if the outcome of this decision isn’t very pleasing, rewarding, or exciting.

There are lucky people who have more than one nationality, and even then there’s probably more of an affinity to one of these nations, but for the majority of football fans the national team should be the one thing they don’t have a choice in.  If England suddenly became one of the better sides in world football, then the issue of English people supporting other teams would surely arise less frequently and probably cease to exist.

An earlier article on Soccer Football shows how certain fans can feel more of a link to their club team than they do their national one.  Could there be glory hunting fans in international football as well as club football?  As this article explains, they aren’t real fans.